Medical Laboratory Science

Who Am I?

I, or someone like me, have touched you hundreds of times, but you never saw me, never felt me. I give you hope, provide joy, and unfortunately, deliver bad news. I am never there to share in your excitement or comfort you in your times of sorrow. However, I still feel these emotions from a distance. My tasks are limitless, but always behind the scenes. I know that because of me, the world is a better place.

I am a Laboratory Scientist. I am the one who discovered a pregnancy in the couple who had a slim hope of ever bearing a child, but was not there to "high-five" them. I gave closure to thousands of families of the 9/11 disaster by identifying the remains of their loved ones, but was not there to share their tears. I personally discovered a terrorist's weapon of choice, Anthrax, but could not bask in the limelight.

I discovered that the lump in your sister's, wife's, or mother's breast was not cancer after all (or was). I found your disease early enough for a successful recovery or at least in time for you to wrap up loose ends.

I recognized when you needed more iron, less medication and a better diet. I identified a perfect match for the donor heart you so desperately needed. I supply most of the evidence your physician uses to diagnose your ills. But I never get to tell you so.

The laboratory community is a large, critical component of the health care industry. Our role in the delivery of health care is a dramatic one. We play a vital role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, spanning the continuum of health care. Laboratory tests serve as the foundation for the diagnosis and management of conditions like cardiac disease, HIV, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and infectious diseases.  Laboratory test results contribute up to 70 percent to all medical decision making.

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