Interprofessional Health Professions Collaboration

Video Case Studies

Video cases with multiple professions from Western University, Canada

  1. ​Albert - A 70 year old married man with past alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety all related to the long-ago death of his 7 year old son, which he has never been able to come to terms with. Recent visits to ER reveal lung disease and shortness of breath.
  2. Beth - A 30 year old single, unemployed woman with history of childhood sexual abuse and a past conviction of child molestation. She has rheumatoid arthritis, smoker, alcohol and drug abuse, weight-gain, depression, and housing issues.
  3. Black Family - 32 year old pregnant mother of three young children, including a daughter with cystic fibrosis. Recently diagnosed with diabetes and admitted to hospital. Mr. Black is a heavy smoker who hasn’t been able to quit and is overwhelmed with the responsibilities of taking care of his family.
  4. Emma - 73 y.o. married woman with diabetes and several related health issues; Rural health
  5. Molly - 21 year old woman, 1 week post MVA with multiple injuries and fractures including spinal cord and trauma to head

Other video cases from University of Minnesota, Ryerson University, and Thomas Jefferson University

  1. ​Mr. Edwards - patient being discharged from hospital, from University of Minnesota
  2. Wolcott Creek Interprofessional Collaboration Work - from Ryerson University
  3. Thomas Jefferson University Case Studies