Our Mission

Improve the health and wellness of our culturally diverse communities by educating students to become team-oriented, evidence-focused and compassionate healthcare professionals.


Our Vision


In 2020 the College of Health Professions at Armstrong is a thriving, sustainable, and community-based hub of integrated healthcare education, health promotion, and service. The college is widely recognized as a leader in innovative, inter-professional education. Our recognition is based on the following accomplishments and realities:


·         The college’s state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies prepare graduates for the healthcare environment of the future

·         Outstanding faculty excel at bringing applied research and professional healthcare experience directly into the learning process

·         Graduates demonstrate comprehensive disciplinary knowledge and skill, as well as an ability to function in a complex, team-oriented healthcare system

·         Strategic community partnerships provide learning laboratories for our students and faculty

·         The college and our partners collaborate to identify, confront and solve current healthcare issues while working to prevent the problems of tomorrow