Important Faculty Contacts


Dean's Office

Anne W. Thompson, Interim Dean Armstrong Center 211
Vacant, Assistant Dean  

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Andi Beth Mincer, Interim Dept. Head Armstrong Center 202
Maya Clark, Program Director & Associate Professor Armstrong Center 213
April Garrity, Asst. Professor Armstrong Center 214
Jean Neils-Strunjas, Assoc. Professor Armstrong Center 206

Health Sciences

Sandy Streater, Dept. Head University Hall 154A
David Adams, Assoc. Professor University Hall 154K
Andy Bosak, Assoc. Professor University Hall 154N
Janet Buelow, Assoc. Professor University Hall 154E
Joey Crosby, Professor University Hall 154B
Robert LeFavi, Professor University Hall 154M
Nandi Marshall, Asst. Professor University Hall 154H
Rod McAdams, Assoc. Professor University Hall 154D
Sara Plasophl, Professor University Hall 154G
Leigh Rich, Asst. Professor University Hall 154F
Bryan Riemann, Assoc. Professor University Hall 154J

Medical Laboratory Science

Doug Masini, Dept. Head Armstrong Center 227
Charlotte Bates, Instructor Armstrong Center 236
Chad Guilliams, Clinical Instructor Armstrong Center 232
Floyd Josephat, Asst. Professor Armstrong Center 254


Catherine Gilbert, Dept. Head Ashmore 217
Judith Alexander, Assoc. Professor Ashmore 259
Jill Beckworth, Instructor Ashmore 243
Debra Behringer, Instructor Ashmore 255B
Jane Blackwell, Instructor Ashmore 242
Gina Crabb, Instructor Ashmore 260
Amber Derksen, Instructor Ashmore 238
Katrina Embrey, Instructor Ashmore 260
Debra Hagerty, Instructor Ashmore 251
Anne Hallock, Instructor Ashmore 239
Jeffrey Harris, Instructor Ashmore 250
Pamela Mahan, Asst. Professor Ashmore 262
Carole Massey, Asst. Professor Ashmore 247
Cherie McCann, Instructor Ashmore 255A
Kathy Morris, Instructor Ashmore 239
Deborah Mulford, Instructor Ashmore 252
Anita Nivens, Assoc. Professor Ashmore 242
Marilyn O'Mallon, Asst. Professor Ashmore 239
Luzviminda Quirimit, Instructor Ashmore 263
Kelly Rossler, Instructor Ashmore 255
Helen Taggart, Professor Ashmore 258
Linda Tuck, Asst. Professor Ashmore 240
Tonya Turnage, Instructor Ashmore 260
Tonya Tyson, Instructor Ashmore 251
Sherry Warnock, Instructor Ashmore 243

Rehabilitation Sciences

Andi Beth Mincer, Interim Dept. Head Armstrong Center 202
David Bringman, Asst. Professor Armstrong Center 201
Davies George, Professor Armstrong Center 207
David.Lake, Professor Armstrong Center 203
Kathleen Schaefer, Asst. Professor Armstrong Center 205
Julie Shappy, Asst. Professor ArmstrongCenter 208
Nancy Wofford, Asst. Professor Armstrong Center 204

Radiological Sciences

Doug Masini, Dept. Head Armstrong Center 227
Laurie Adams, Asst. Professor Armstrong Center 234
Esma Campbell, Asst. Professor Armstrong Center 249
Myka Campbell, Asst. Professor Armstrong Center 252
Kacey Davis, Lecturer & Clinical Coord. of Sonography Armstrong Center 231
Sharon Gilliard-Smith, Asst. Professor Armstrong Center 251
Rochelle Lee, Asst. Professor Armstrong Center 250
Pam Cartright, Instructor Armstrong Center 253
Shaunell McGee, Instructor Armstrong Center 235
Elwin Tilson, Professor Armstrong Center 237

Respiratory Therapy

Douglas Masini, Dept. Head Armstrong Center 227
Rhonda Belvis, Asst. Professor Armstrong Center 233
Christine Moore, Instructor & Dir. of Clinical Education Armstrong Center 255