Important Faculty Contacts


Dean's Office

David Ward, Dean David.Ward@armstrong.edu Ashmore 101
Donna Brooks, Assistant Dean Donna.Brooks@armstrong.edu Ashmore 102

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Anne Thompson, Dept. Head Anne.Thompson@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 211
Maya Clark, Program Director & Associate Professor Maya.Clark@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 213
April Garrity, Asst. Professor April.Garrity@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 214
Jean Neils-Strunjas, Assoc. Professor Jean.NeilsStrunjas@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 206

Health Sciences

Sandy Streater, Dept. Head Sandy.Streater@armstrong.edu University Hall 154A
David Adams, Assoc. Professor David.Adams@armstrong.edu University Hall 154K
Andy Bosak, Assoc. Professor Andy.Bosak@armstrong.edu University Hall 154N
Janet Buelow, Assoc. Professor Janet.Buelow@armstrong.edu University Hall 154E
Joey Crosby, Professor Joey.Crosby@armstrong.edu University Hall 154B
Robert LeFavi, Professor Robert.LaFavi@armstrong.edu University Hall 154M
Nandi Marshall, Asst. Professor Nandi.Marshall@armstrong.edu University Hall 154H
Rod McAdams, Assoc. Professor Rod.McAdams@armstrong.edu University Hall 154D
Sara Plasophl, Professor Sara.Plasophl@armstrong.edu University Hall 154G
Leigh Rich, Asst. Professor Leigh.Rich@armstrong.edu University Hall 154F
Bryan Riemann, Assoc. Professor Bryan.Riemann@armstrong.edu University Hall 154J
Andrea Thomas, Instructor Andrea.Thomas@armstrong.edu University Hall

Medical Laboratory Science

Charlotte Bates, Instructor Charlotte.Bates@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 236
Chad Guilliams, Clinical Instructor Chad.Guiliams@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 232
Floyd Josephat, Asst. Professor Floyd.Josephat@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 254
Denene Lofland, Asst. Professor Denene.Lofland@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 248


Catherine Gilbert, Dept. Head Catherine.Gilbert@armstrong.edu Ashmore 217
Judith Alexander, Assoc. Professor Judith.Alexander@armstrong.edu Ashmore 259
Jill Beckworth, Instructor Jill.Beckworth@armstrong.edu Ashmore 243
Debra Behringer, Instructor Debra.Behringer@armstrong.edu Ashmore 255B
Jane Blackwell, Instructor Jane.Blackwell@armstrong.edu Ashmore 242
Gina Crabb, Instructor Gina.Crabb@armstrong.edu Ashmore 260
Amber Derksen, Instructor Amber.Derksen@armstrong.edu Ashmore 238
Katrina Embrey, Instructor Katrina.Embrey@armstrong.edu Ashmore 260
Debra Hagerty, Instructor Debra.Hagerty@armstrong.edu Ashmore 251
Anne Hallock, Instructor Anne.Hallock@armstrong.edu Ashmore 239
Jeffrey Harris, Instructor Jeffrey.Harris@armstrong.edu Ashmore 250
Pamela Mahan, Asst. Professor Pamela.Mahan@armstrong.edu Ashmore 262
Carole Massey, Asst. Professor Carole.Massey@armstrong.edu Ashmore 247
Cherie McCann, Instructor Cherie.McCann@armstrong.edu Ashmore 255A
Kathy Morris, Instructor Kathy.Morris@armstrong.edu Ashmore 239
Deborah Mulford, Instructor Deborah.Mulford@armstrong.edu Ashmore 252
Anita Nevins, Assoc. Professor Anita.Nivens@armstrong.edu Ashmore 242
Marilyn O'Mallon, Asst. Professor Marilyn.OMallon@armstrong.edu Ashmore 239
Luzviminda Quirimit, Instructor Luzviminda.Quirimit@armstrong.edu Ashmore 263
Kelly Rossler, Instructor Kelly.Rossler@armstrong.edu Ashmore 255
Helen Taggart, Professor Helen.Taggart@armstrong.edu Ashmore 258
Linda Tuck, Asst. Professor Linda.Tuck@armstrong.edu Ashmore 240
Tonya Turnage, Instructor Tonya.Turnage@armstrong.edu Ashmore 260
Tonya Tyson, Instructor Tonya.Tyson@armstrong.edu Ashmore 251
Sherry Warnock, Instructor Sherry.Warnock@armstrong.edu Ashmore 243

Rehabilitation Sciences

Anne Thompson, Dept. Head Anne.Thompson@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 211
David Bringman, Asst. Professor David.Bringman@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 201
Davies George, Professor George.Davies@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 207
David.Lake, Professor David.Lake@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 203
Andi Beth Mincer, Assoc. Professor AndiBeth.Mincer@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 202
Kathleen Schaefer, Asst. Professor Kathleen.Schaefer@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 205
Julie Shappy, Asst. Professor Julie.Shappy@armstrong.edu ArmstrongCenter 208
Nancy Wofford, Asst. Professor Nancy.Wofford@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 204

Radiological Sciences

Elwin Tilson, Professor Elwin.Tilson@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 237
Laurie Adams, Asst. Professor Laurie.Adams@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 234
Esma Campbell, Asst. Professor Esma.Campbell@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 249
Myka Campbell, Asst. Professor Myka.Campbell@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 252
Sharon Gilliard-Smith, Asst. Professor Sharon.Gilliard-Smith@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 251
Rochelle Lee, Asst. Professor Rochelle.Lee@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 250
Pam Cartright, Instructor Pam.Cartright@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 253
Shaunell McGee, Instructor Shaunell.McGee@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 235
Kacey Davis, Lecturer & Clinical Coord. of Sonography kacey.davis@armsrong.edu Armstrong Center 231

Respiratory Therapy

Douglas Masini, Dept. Head Douglas.Masini@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 227
Rhonda Belvis, Asst. Professor Rhonda.Bevis@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 233
Christine Moore, Instructor & Dir. of Clinical Education Christine.Moore@armstrong.edu Armstrong Center 255