Core Values

Core Value 1

The College of Health Professions (COHP) faculty is dedicated to providing excellence in Health Professions education.

  • The faculty provides the highest quality education possible to our students and stimulates the critical thinking and technological skills necessary for practice and leadership in the health professions.
  • The faculty value committment and responsiveness to community and professional service.
  • The faculty value ethical behavior and accountability that support a high standard of performance.
  • The faculty value and respect diversity.
  • The faculty promotes opportunities for service in medically underserved areas for students and faculty.
  • The COHP faculty, dean, and department heads will promote educational opportunities in international health care settings.

Core Value 2

The COHP faculty participates in promoting scholarly activities for the advancement of professional knowledge and the improvement of instruction and learning.

  • The faculty fosters a teaching/learning environment that promotes scholarly activity.
  • The faculty promotes the integration of scholarship into educational activities.
  • The faculty actively pursues the acquisition of resources to support scholarly activity.

Core Value 3

The faculty value commitment and responsiveness to professional community service. 

  • The faculty promotes community service activities.
  • The faculty balances service activities with teaching and scholarship responsibilities.
  • The faculty values the development and maintenance of community partnerships.
  • The faculty is responsive to opportunities to serve on local, state, and/or national committees/boards within their respective disciplines.