Rehabilitation Sciences


Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Science


About the degree

This degree combines core courses with a major curriculum that has been specifically designed by the physical therapy faculty to meet the needs of students entering the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy or sports medicine. Completion of this program will not only ensure that the students meet the course requirements for all schools in Georgia, but also that the students will meet the prerequisite requirements for 95% of all physical therapy programs in the country.

Program of study

The bachelor's degree program of study combines the strong science curriculum (chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy and physiology) that is needed for success in the health professions, with a curriculum founded in the behavioral sciences (general and abnormal psychology; health and human development). The student's knowledge of exercise and exercise principles is developed in a three-course sequence that focuses on the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and cardiovascular-pulmonary bases for exercise. Majors may customize their programs by selecting as many as six elective courses from the biological, behavioral and health sciences.

Students wishing to pursue this major should be aware that overall GPA and science GPAs of 3.0 are required for consideration for most Doctor of Physical Therapy programs.  For Armstrong progression requirements, please refer to the Armstrong Undergraduate Catalog.

Advisement and Registration

Please refer to the Armstrong academic calendar for advisement and registration dates. Refer to Port of Armstrong to obtain your advisor's name.  Contact our office at (912) 344-2580 with further questions.

Course Rotation

2015 - 2016 Offered Courses