Biodynamics and Human Performance Center

Battling Ropes System: Changing Rope Diameters and the Effects on Work Output and Hand Kinematics

The Battling Ropes (BR) system is a relatively new method of exercise that is growing in popularity. In general the use of the BR system is to anchor a rope around a pole at one end and place the two open ends of the rope in the hands of the participant. The participant then uses arm swings and sometimes legs to keep the rope in a ‘wave’ motion over a timed period. For this study, participants will be performing a double arm, both arms moving at the same time, with legs to move the rope for thirty seconds with maximal effort. The subjects will perform the exercise six times in total. Three different rope diameters will be used to look at and compare the different work output created with each rope. The diameters of rope we will be considering are one and quarter inch, one and a half inch rope and two-inch ropes.

This study will use two force plates under the participant’s feet, which will record ground reaction forces during the exercise. In addition to the forceplate measurements, hand kinematics will be measured.  High-speed infrared cameras will be used to assess linear displacement of wave height, average peak-to-peak height, and frequency of waves.