Biodynamics and Human Performance Center

About Us

The Biodynamics and Human Performance Center was established as a result of a collaborative effort between the Departments of Health Sciences and Rehabilitation Sciences.  Because both academic departments had a need to provide students and faculty with access to a facility dedicated to studying the prevention, evaluation and treatment of movement related disease and injury, the Biodynamics and Human Performance Center became a reality in January 2008.  Directed by Dr. Bryan Riemann (Sports Medicine Program) with assistance by Dr. George Davies (Physical Therapy Program), the laboratory is a truly multi-disciplinary center designed to support the education, research, and public service mission of Armstrong State University in areas related to human movement.  Persons with expertise in sports medicine, physical therapy, athletic training, strength and conditioning, personal training, exercise physiology, nutrition, orthopedics, engineering and sport coaching are all directly affiliated with Center and contribute to the daily operations and activities. 

Because of the volume of projects and instrumentation acquired, the 3200 sq foot Biodynamics and Human Performance Center was recently subdivided into three sections: the Biomechanics Laboratory, the Muscle Performance Laboratory and the Exercise Physiology Laboratory.  Five full-time graduate research assistants are now employed by the Center to assist with the numerous teaching, research and service activities occurring in the Center each day.