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La Serena and Santiago, Chile

La Serena is located on the Pacific coast of central Chile. Courses will be held at the University of La Serena, with a magnificent view of the city. The program offers a variety of courses as well as many opportunities to explore and experience the rich culture and breath-taking landscapes of South America. Classes will visit museums, wineries, historic sites as well as some of Chile's many astronomical observatories in the Andes Mountains. Program includes an overnight stay in the Andes. Students will also spend five days in Chile's capital of Santiago where they will tour the historic and modern attractions. The itinerary also includes an optional day trip to the ski in the nearby Andes near Santiago.

Courses Available

 Morning Classes  Uppder Division(Choose one)
Comparative Justice Systems
Politics of Latin American/Topics in Latin
    American Politics
Latin American and Latino Art
International Studies
Comparative Societies, Politics and Institutions
Latin American Revolutions
Spanish Conversation (in Spanish)*

Afternoon Classes Lower Division (Choose one)
Introduction to Social Problems
Global Issues
Art Appreciation
Study Abroad:  Intro to Chile Culture
Survey of Latin American History
Intermediate Spanish I*
Intermediate Spanish II *

*taught in Spanish

More Details on Study Abroad to Chile

Dates: July 3- July 30, 2014
Cost: $3750 plus tuition for up to 6 semester hours

Contact: Dr. Jim Anderson
Phone: 344.3224