Health Sciences

Program of Study

The program of study for the Master of Science in Sports Medicine prepares graduates to advance in their chosen field and/or to improve their preparation in their present career. The program of study in Sports Medicine includes courses in strength and conditioning, biostatistics, biomechanics of musculoskeletal injury, performance evaluation and exercise, advanced athletic training, along with electives. Students will be required to complete a thesis/research project and must pass a formal assessment. Students may also be involved in internship opportunities. The program of study consists of 36 semester hours.  

Required Courses (21 hours)

  • SMED 5060G Physiological Foundations of Sports and Physical Activity
  • SMED 7400 Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement and Musculoskeletal Injury
  • SMED 7070 Theory and Methodology of Strength and Conditioning
  • PUBH 6000 Biostatistics
  • SMED 6005 Research Methods in Sports Medicine
  • SMED 7990 Thesis/Professional Project in Sports Medicine I
  • SMED 7995 Thesis/Professional Project in Sports Medicine II

Strength and Conditioning Concentration (12 hours)

  • SMED 5005 Musculoskeletal Basis of Exercise
  • SMED 5015 Assessment and Evaluation of Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • SMED 6080G Performance Evaluation and Exercise Testing
  • SMED 7075 Program Design and Advanced Training Technologies

Advanced Athletic Training Concentration (12 hours)

  • SMED 5055G Pathophysiology of Sports-related Illness and Injury
  • SMED 7010 Injury Prevention and Risk Management in Sports Medicine
  • PUBH 6100 Epidemiology
  • SMED 7500 Special Topics in Sports Medicine (Advanced Evaluation and Rehab)

Electives (3 hours from the following list):

  • SMED 5065 Movement and Posture Assessment and Exercise
  • SMED 5090G Nutritional Issues in Sports Medicine
  • SMED 5555G Physical Activity in Disease Prevention/Treatment
  • PEEC 5580G Physical Activity and the Older Adult
  • PEEC 5600G Healthy Weight Management
  • SMED 5940G Internship Strength and Conditioning
  • SMED 7050 Drugs and Ergogenic Aids in Sports Medicine
  • SMED 7700 Self-Directed Student Research in Sports Medicine
  • SMED 7520 Psychosocial Issues in Sports Medicine and Physical Activity
  • SMED 7250 Internship in Sports Medicine
  • SMED 7515 Cardiopulmonary and Pathophysiology, Exercise and Rehab


Program of Study