Health Sciences

Strength and Conditioning Graduate Certificate

For more information about the Strength and Conditioning certificate program, please contact the Program Coordinator.

Program of Study

  • SMED 5070 Theory and Methods in Strength and Conditioning
  • Four (4) of the five following courses:
  • SMED 5060 Physiological Foundations of Sport and Physical Activity
  • SMED 5080 Performance Evaluation and Exercise Testing
  • SMED 5090 Nutritional Issues in Sports Medicine
  • SMED 5300 Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement and Musculoskeletal Injury
  • SMED 5946 Internship in Sports Medicine II

Students interested in the Strength and Conditioning Certificate program must complete:


 Gerontology Graduate Certificate


The Gerontology Certificate program is designed to meet the following objectives:

    Students are presented with a theoretical and practical overview of the field of gerontology. The interdisciplinary nature of gerontology is emphasized.
    Students will have supervised experience with older adults in the form of community service, projects, or practicum experiences. It is expected that students will respond to older adults as unique, independent individuals.
    Students will be exposed to gerontological research and major public policy issues as well as how these impact aged adults.

Program of Study

    GERO 5500 Survey of Gerontology
    GERO 5510 Healthy Aging
    GERO 5520 Gerontology Practicum
    A minimum of 9 semester hours of courses at the 5000 level or higher:

Gerontology Certificate ApplicationStudents eligible for admittance into the Gerontology Certificate program include:

    Regularly admitted undergraduate students with a 2.5 GPA or better
    Regularly admitted or non-degree graduate students

Students interested in the Gerontology Certificate program must complete:

  •    All application forms required for admission to Armstrong State University:
  •    Undergraduate application
  •    Graduate application
  •    Gerontology Certificate application (sent to the Department of Health Sciences)
  •    Letter of Intent
  •    Interview with the Gerontology Certificate Program Coordinator

A minimum grade of "C" or better must be earned in each course for the certificate to be awarded at the undergraduate level. A minimum overall GPA of "B" or better must be earned for the certificate to be awarded at the graduate level.