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Student Stories

Armstrong students represent a range of nationalities, generations, and life experiences. How are they alike? They have amazing potential. They work hard to accomplish their goals. They love to learn. And with 85% of Armstrong students receiving financial aid, they depend on generosity to advance their studies. 

Federal and state financial aid can only go so far. Scholarships play an increasingly important role in student success. And when Armstrong students are able to succeed, we all benefit.

Elijah Walden

"Through being at Armstrong, I have realized that the information you learn can be applied to so much more than just in the classroom."

– Benjamin Oliver, Medical Laboratory Science, Class of 2016, Recipient of the Theron A. Grant Memorial Scholarship. Read Benjamin's story.

Mariana Reyes

"Without this scholarship, I would have needed to stay close to home rather than coming to school."

– Erin Berube, Chemistry, Class of 2017, Recipient of a General Scholarship. Read about Erin's experience.

Helen Ajide

"My life after the speeches are said and the caps are thrown is overwhelming enough; financial burden was the last thing on my mind."

– Helen Ajide, Radiology, Class of 2013, Recipient of the Armstrong Commitment Fund. Read Helen's story.

Mariana Reyes

"I want to keep in touch with Armstrong to push others to go to college."

– Mariana Reyes, Political Science, Class of 2015, Recipient of the Goizueta Foundation Scholarship. Read about Mariana's scholarship success.