Office of Field Experiences


June Erskine, Director
Erin Hinely, Admin. Assistant
University Hall 242

Internship I

One Full Day or Two Half Days for 14 Weeks, 100 hours

Interns: Please contact your cooperating teacher by e-mail and cc the principal. You will find e-mail addresses on the school's web site. Introduce yourself and ask what days would be convenient for the cooperating teacher. Mention the days you are available to work in your assigned placement. You should begin Internship I as soon as the semester starts.

Please share the following description with your cooperating teacher. Also share instructor letters for any other courses with field assignments.

The College of Education requires its undergraduate teacher candidates/interns to complete an internship the semester prior to Internship II, student teaching, in an assigned public K-12 school. The Armstrong interns observe and work in the classroom one day a week during this semester for a total of 14 or 16 full days. The actual schedule will be determined by the teachers' needs and the teacher interns' course schedule. During the semester, the interns are expected to fully participate in the life of the classroom. Obviously, they are not experienced teachers yet. Focused observations, small group and one-on-one work/support, helpful preparation of materials needed for lessons, and structured mini lessons are the types of experiences that will greatly benefit the interns and help them to understand the parameters of teaching and learning. In addition, the interns will develop and perform several specific assignments from their content courses. At the beginning of Armstrong State University's semester, the interns will share the assignment expectations for each of their classes for the term. Examples of some of the types of requirements for the courses are: create a plan for an effective classroom space, write a behavior management plan, develop a social studies curriculum unit, perform a reading pre- and post-assessment, design a remediation plan, etc. These assignments will be completed in class with the teacher's prior approval.

The students will be required to keep an attendance log. The student interns are responsible for gathering all signatures from their teachers. University supervisors will schedule two observations during the term. Armstrong students are well prepared and will be helpful resource persons in the classroom environment this term.


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