Office of Field Experiences


June Erskine, Director
Erin Hinely, Admin Assistant
University Hall 242



Mission Statement

To produce prepared, reflective educators. It is our mission to facilitate for our teacher candidates well-planned, sequential, equitable and diverse experiences in the field to prepare them to become reflective decision makers and to improve the retention of public school teachers.

The Office of Field Experiences, Clinical Practice and Partnerships coordinates and places College of Education candidates in their field experiences and internship clinical practices. Field experiences are integral to learning about teaching and becoming a teacher. They provide the hands-on context needed to enable our candidates to make connections between theory and practice. In school settings, teacher candidates have the opportunity to actively participate in a wide array of educational activities and to understand the diverse responsibilities of being a teacher. In the school environment, Armstrong teacher candidates have opportunities to observe a variety of diverse situations, teaching practices, and students interacting with teachers and each other. Our teacher candidates also observe and engage in professional development opportunities and collaboration with skilled educators. They have sustained opportunities to teach in supportive and exciting school environments with dedicated cooperating teachers. These learning experiences increase our candidates' knowledge, skills and dispositions as aspiring educators.