Armstrong Atlantic State University
College of Education, Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah, Georgia

Teacher Preparation Program Quality

Title II, Section 207 of the Higher Education Act mandates that universities make available certain information concerning the institution’s teacher preparation programs including the pass rate of program completers on assessments required by the state for teacher licensure or certification, the statewide pass rate on those assessments, and other basic information on teacher preparation programs.

2011-12 Preparation Program Quality

Table 1-1 Institution TOTAL # of Completers




Armstrong Atlantic State University 309 100.0


Pass Rates on State Content Exams
2011-12 100%

Average Program Completer GPAs
BSED 3.33
PB 3.67
MAT 3.63

The following data are provided by the USG Office of Education Access and Success 2012 Report of Preparation of New Teachers.

2012 Report of Preparation of New Teachers

Number of Teachers Prepared

Armstrong ranks 8th among the 20 active teacher preparation programs in the state in the number of teachers it prepared.

Yield Rate for Completers Hired in K-12 Schools in Georgia in 2011

Armstrong ranks 7th in the state for number of teachers hired in Georgia K-12 public schools


Armstrong ranks 5th among the 20 active teacher preparation programs in the number of minority program completers


GACE Annual Summary Report
[PDF, 43KB]