Strategic Plan


The College of Education serves the community and beyond by preparing effective educators for the twenty-first century.


“College of Education candidates who integrate knowledge, theory, practice and technology, who demonstrate professionalism, show respect for human diversity, and collaborate effectively, will function in their professional lives as prepared, reflective decision makers meeting the learning needs of diverse students.”  (COE Conceptual Framework, p. 4)


  1. We value the transformative power of education in human lives.
  2. We value the implementation of research-based teaching practices and professional development for ourselves and our candidates.
  3. We value and environment that supports collaboration and collegiality among partners in the Educator Preparation Program (EPP), university constituents, and community stakeholders.
  4. We value a transparent shared governance structure fostering the development of diverse, reflective leaders.
  5. We value the belief that our faculty and candidates understand and respect human differences and are capable of meeting the emotional, social, and instructional needs of diverse learners.
  6. We value our commitment to the highest qualities of character, ethics, and professional competence.
  7. We value and respect our long standing partnerships with Savannah, its support agencies, and other coastal communities that provide rich and diverse opportunities for our faculty and candidates.

Strategic Goal 1

The College of Education will build upon our history of producing prepared reflective educators.

Many of our graduates have served as Teachers of the Year and in other leadership positions in their school systems.

Strategic Goal 2

The College of Education will continue our commitment to the profession of teaching by ensuring that learning experiences are transformative for both the instructors and the candidates.

We reinforce our commitment by offering a variety of learning experiences including classroom, field-based, and study abroad options. We begin with mentoring our pre-education majors and continue offering stimulating learning opportunities through the programs.

Strategic Goal 3

The College of Education will strengthen our efforts to provide quality and diverse technology-based learning experiences.

We will proactively research, forecast, secure and implement technological innovations.

Strategic Goal 4

The College of Education will strengthen its financial stability by identifying external sources of revenues.

We will enhance acquisition of grants and initiatives.

Strategic Goal 5

The College of Education will increase its visibility through a greater use of technology and other outreach mechanisms.

We will increase our efforts to secure a level of commitment from prospective students, current candidates, alumni, community constituents, and friends.


Adopted:    September 09, 2011


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