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Greg Dzuiban
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
University Hall 271

Adult Education & Human Resource Development MEd

Master of Education: Adult Education and Human Resource Development

This degree is designed to assist individuals who are trainers and educators to better disseminate their knowledge to others. Instead of the Master's degree, students may choose to earn a certificate in adult education (see certificate in adult education for more information).

Career Opportunities

Adult education is the teaching or training of adults. The M.Ed. in Adult Education allows the individual to enhance existing skills and to acquire new knowledge in the area of human resource development and literacy education. Depending on the track chosen, either Human Resource Development or Literacy Education, graduates of this program will go on to use their education in a variety of settings. As an adult educator, you may teach large classrooms of students at the high school or university level, or you may teach small groups of adults in corporate settings. Sometimes, adult educators work with students on an individual basis. Because information and technology are being created at such fast rates, employees are finding that they must remain in continual learning mode in order to have the necessary skills to successfully complete their jobs. Therefore, it is important that trainers and educators are prepared to effectively transmit their knowledge to others.

Program Features

We expect our students to become proficient in the use of technology in the classroom, and technology is woven into every education course. In addition, The Technology Center for teacher educators offers a variety of technologies available for classroom infusion.

Although this degree prepares its graduates for a wide variety of career opportunities, it is offered in very few institutions of higher education, making it a popular and sought-after choice for individuals seeking advancement in many community and corporate settings.

Course of Study

Master of Education in Adult Education
The M.Ed. is a 30 semester hour program of study.

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