Coastal Savannah Writing Project


Lesley Roessing


Donna Loyd

Associate Director

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CSWP offers workshops and conferences throughout the year on various topics and strategies designed for K-12 educators. Held on Saturday mornings during fall and spring semesters, the workshops engage teachers in lively explorations of thoughtful and effective strategies for teaching literacy—reading and writing—in K-12 classrooms. We offer a few all-day workshops also.

Cost per participant: $25/session for 3-hour sessions; $60 for full-day sessions (unless otherwise noted). Advanced registrations and payment are required. 

Summer Writing Institute

The Institute provides a place and time for teachers to demonstrate and learn diverse effective classroom practices, teach and learn writing processes, examine writing theory and research and standards for writing, become comfortable writing in divergent modes, types, and genres, and share writings with colleagues. The Summer Institute will bring together local teachers in all grade levels and all disciplines for reading, writing, research, discussion, and collaboration. Participants meet each day to discuss writing strategies, read about effective ways to teach writing and reading, use writing as a learning tool, research current topics in writing, and improve their teaching practices. As a result of these activities, teachers will be better prepared for their own classrooms and for working with all students and other teachers to become literacy leaders in their schools.