Childhood & Exceptional Student Education


Department of Childhood and
Exceptional Student Education

University Hall 269
Fax 912.344.3443

Courses & Requirements
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Special Education
(Initial Certification)

Professional Core (15 hours)
EDUC6000 Professional Orientation to Teaching 3
SPED5010G Technology for the Special Educator 3
EEXE6025 Legal and Procedural Issues in Special Education 3
EEXE6027 Disabilities That Impact Learning and Behavior 3
EEXE6029 Brain Research and Education Practice 3

Specialized Content
SPED5130G Assessment in Special Education
SPED5231G Teaching Reading and Disabilities 3
SPED5232G Teaching Mathematics and Disabilities 3
SPED5400G Transition Planning 3
FOUN6745 Classroom Based Research (capstone) 3
EEXE6750 Graduate Internship 4