Childhood & Exceptional Student Education

Course Rotation Schedule

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Early Childhood Education (Initial Certification)

  Fall Spring Summer
EDUC6000 - Professional Orientation to Teaching (3) X X X
EDUC6100 - Technology Applications for Teachers (2) X X X
EDUC6200 - Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (3) X X X
EDUC6300 - Educating Students with Disabilities in the General Education Classroom (3) X X X
ECMT6000 - Teaching Reading and Diagnosis & Remediation (3) X X  
ECMT6010 - Developmental Characteristics of Young Children (3) X X  
ECMT6020 - Language Arts/Creative Activities (3)   X X
ECMT6030 - Social Studies/Science (3) X X  
ECMT6040 - Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School (3) X X  
ECMT 6090 - Classroom Management (3) X   X
ECMT6750 - Graduate Internship (4) X X