Childhood & Exceptional Student Education


Department of Childhood and
Exceptional Education

University Hall 269

Course Rotation Schedule

Master of Education (M. Ed.) in Early Childhood Education

Professional Education Courses (21 credit hours)
  Fall Spring Summer
ECEG7010: Advanced Methods in Early Childhood Science (3)     X
ECEG7050: Advanced Methods in Elementary Mathematics (3)   X  
ECEG7060: Multimedia Approach to Children's Literature and Writing   X  
ECEG7070: Teaching Communication Across Cultures(3) X   X
ECEG7090: Methods of Instr. Differentiation in Early Childhood Ed. (3) X    
ECEG7310: Field-Based Research in Writing   X  
RDEN7185: Teaching Writers and Writing (3)     X


  Fall Spring Summer
Support Couses (9 Credit Hours)
RDEN7070 - Understanding Readers and the Reading Process RE I (3) X   X
RDEN 7071 - Linking Literacy Assessment to Instructin RE II (3) X    
RDEN7072 - Instructional Strategies in the Content Areas RE III (3)   X  



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