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Department of Childhood and
Exceptional Student Education

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Course Rotation Schedule

Bachelor of Science (BSED) in Early Childhood Education

Sample Four-Year Schedule

Major & Related Field Course – 2 hours

Fall Spring Summer
EDUC 3100 Technology Application For Teachers (2) X X X
ECUG 3040 Childhood Dev. Prenatal to Adolescence (3) X X X


Block I – 15 hours

Fall  Spring  Summer 
EDUC3200 Curriculum, Instruct. & Assessment (3)  X X X
EDUC3300 Educating Students w/Disabilities (3)  X X X
ECUG3060 Lang. Arts: Oral Lang., Writing, Spelling & Grammar (3) X X X
ARTS3200 or MUSC 3200 for Elementary Teachers (3) X X X
MATH3911/3911L Alog. & Number Systems (3) X X  


Block II – 13 hours

Fall Spring Summer
ECUG3071 Teaching Children's Literacy (3)  X X  
ECUG3072 Teaching of Reading (3) X X  
ECUG4075 Social Studies/Science (3) X X  
PEEC3200 Health & PE for Elem. Teachers (2)  X X X
MATH 3912/3912L Geometry & Data Analysis (3)  X X  


Block III – 15 hours

Fall Spring Summer
ECUG4300 Lang. Arts Assessment & Modification (3) X X  
ECUG4085 Math Methods (3)   X X  
ECUG4090 Classroom Management (3)   X X  
ECUG3750 Internship I Pre-Student Teaching (3)   X X  
MATH5911 Topics in Mathematics for Educators (3)   X X X


Block IV – 12 hours

Fall Spring Summer
ECUG4750 Internship II – Student Teaching (12) X X