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Application Information
Master of Arts (MAT) in Special Education
(Initial Certification)

Admission to the program includes four academic requirements: degree, grade point average, testing, and certification level.  Individuals who satisfy all requirements or a listed exemption are eligible for regular "full admission" status. Before applying for admission to the Master of Education in Reading Specialist Education program, you should determine if you are eligible or can become eligible by examining the following minimum academic and certification requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree or above from a regionally accredited institution*
  • Overall GPA of 2.5 from the last degree (undergraduate or graduate) earned**
  • Passing score on Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) Program Admission Assessment***
    All 3 tests individually: reading (test code 200), math (test code 201) and writing (test code 202) OR combined test I, II and III (test code 700) OR one of the following:
    • SAT score (critical reading/verbal and math combined) of at least 1,000 (Scores prior to April 1995 can be recentered.)
    • ACT score (English and math combined) of at least 43 (Scores prior to 10/28/89 can be recentered.)
    • GRE score of at least 297 (verbal and quantitative combined) if taken on or after 8/1/11 (or at least 1,030 if taken earlier)
    • Passing scores on the GACE basic skills assessment
    • Passing score on all three parts of the Praxis I or a composite score of 526 if all three tests were taken by 3/5/07
    • Passing score on an equivalent admission test used in some other states****
    • Master’s degree or above from an accredited institution (if enrolled before 7/1/15)

Anyone who does not meet admissions requirements can apply as a non-degree-seeking student and take four designated courses (EDUC 6000, EDUC 6100, EDUC 6200 and EDUC 6300).  This is explained in the “How to take courses without being admitted to a program” section of this information packet.

The above are minimum academic, test score or professional requirements only.  Read the entire application checklist to determine what documents must be included in your submission.

Application Information

Application for admission to the program is a two-step process:  application to the University Office of Graduate Admissions and a separate application to the College of Education.  The required documents are included in the following two checklists:

Office of Graduate Admissions Application Checklist

College of Education Submission Checklist

Office of Admissions
Armstrong State University
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Fax: 912.344.3417

College of Education
Armstrong State University
University Hall 271
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Fax 912.344.3436

*Note: "PSC-accepted accredited institutions are those that are accredited by accrediting organizations recognized by either the U.S. Department of Education at or The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) at<./p>

**Note:  “Admission with limitation” students can take advantage of all program benefits, including eligibility for financial aid, except they are limited to taking four designated courses (EDUC 6000, EDUC 6100, EDUC 6200 and EDUC 6300).  If, at the completion of the four courses, their GPA is 3.0 or above, they will gain full admission status and be able to take all courses in the program.

***Note:  The “GACE testing for graduate programs” section of this information packet contains details (cost, registration instructions, locations, free study guides) about GACE assessments. 

****Note:  The Georgia Professional Standards Commission ( determines what tests from other states are acceptable.