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Program Overview
Master of Education (M. Ed.) in Special Education

Quality and Online Convenience at a Reasonable Cost

This program is entirely online.  Courses do not meet at a specified time or on a specified day; instead, candidates work at times convenient to them and at their own pace.  They are required to submit assignments at the end of each week and projects at the end of the semester.

Program Features

The Master of Education in Special Education degree provides qualified special education professionals with advanced research-based special education skills for delivering successful inclusionary programming and transitional preparation outcomes for their students with moderate to severe disabilities. The program emphasizes autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Completetion of this program results in a certificate upgrade to the T-5 level and may result in increased salary.

Our program offers the following benefits:

  • the only state-approved Special Education Transition Specialist Endorsement in Georgia
  • tailored for working professionals who prefer the flexibility of an online pgrogram (All courses are online.)
  • fully qualified online instructors who provide the highest level of instruction (Unstructors recognize some students who are new to online instruction need extra assistance to fell comfortable and be successful.)
  • each candidate assigned a faculty advisor who will assist him or her from acceptance through graduation

Program Outcomes

The Armstrong program meets the following goals:

  • analyze and demonstrate the learning process using advanced learning training methods.
  • synthesize learning process variables through demonstration and writing.
  • research and explain variables leading to successful special education instruction.
  • prepare educational leaders to improve schools and students with special needs learning.
  • prepare advanced students with special needs transition policies allowing successful transition from one educational level to another and/or to career and to college options.
  • explain in writing and through demonstration effective assessment and instructional procedures for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Courses & Requirements

This program of study consists of 11 online courses totaling 33 semester hours in a cohort format.  This means all candidates will start the program at the same time, take the same designated courses each semester and complete the program at the same time.

The College of Education admit to the Master of Education in Special Education program only once per year – in the fall. Please see the course rotation schedule for semester specific details.

Special Education Transition Specialist Endorsement

Four courses in the MED-SPED degree comprise the SPED Transition Specialist Endorsement, which is the only such endorsement offered by any university in Georgia.  The endorsement addresses a priority in public school systems:  the transition of special education students from school to a post-school environment.  These four courses will provide participants the skills to work with other teachers, families and communities to prepare children with learning, mental, emotional or physical disabilities to enter a post-secondary school or the workforce.  Program participants will learn to help teachers plan for the future of their special education students and be proactive in supporting students to be successful in whatever setting is most appropriate after high school graduation, including independent living.