Childhood & Exceptional Student Education


Department of Childhood and
Exceptional Student Education

University Hall 269

Bachelor of Science (BSED) in Special Education

The program leads to the Bachelor of Science in Special Education, with teacher certification, and Highly Qualified subject mastery in either English, History, Math, or Science. The Bachelor of Science in Special Education program prepares students to become effective teachers and educational leaders in their schools and communities.

Format: Blended Program
Credits: 124 Semester Hours

Regular Admission

Students must be Regularly Admitted to Candidacy in Special Education after the successful completion of the requirements listed below. (Note: If a student is denied Regular Admittance to Candidacy, his or her program completion will be delayed.) In order to be regularly admitted to candidacy, students must complete and submit as one packet all documents identified in the Admission to Candidacy Application. Applications are also available in University Hall Room 242.

It is recommended you make an appointment with your advisor three (3) weeks prior to submitting your admission paperwork. Submit all required papers in one packet to UH 242, Mrs. Allison Scott, by the following deadlines at 5:00PM. Students will receive written notification of acceptance to Candidacy.

Semester Deadline

Spring Admission - October 15
Summer Admission - March 15
Fall Admission - June 15


Newly admitted candidates must attend a mandatory orientation meeting as posted on the College of Education Blog (COEBlog)

Internship II

Refer to the Office of Field Experience, Clinical Practice, and Partnerships webpage for current information on Internship II.

Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE)

To satisfy the State of Georgia's educator assessment requirements for initial teacher certification, two exams are required: Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) Program Admission Assessment and the GACE Special Education General Curriculum [Test I (081) and Test II (082)]. The GACE Program Admission Assessment is an academic skills assessment of reading, mathematics, and writing, and must be passed prior to Admission to Candidacy. The GACE Content Assessment(s) are content knowledge examinations that must be passed prior to Internship II. These exams are administered by the Educational Testing Service and require a fee each time they are taken. Results take 6-8 weeks to reach test-takers, so it is recommended that students plan ahead. Students are responsible for providing copies of their results on the GACE Program Admission Assessment (or exemption scores) and the GACE Content Assessment in their Candidacy and Internship II application packets, respectively.

Everything you need to know about GACE testing (test dates, locations, 100-page study guide with practice questions, registration information) is available at Be aware that, before you can register for a test, you must first create a MyPSC account on the PSC website and then a testing account on the ETS GACE website. When you create the MyPSC account, take note of your Georgia Certification Identification Number (GA CERT ID) -- because you will need it when you create your GACE testing account.

The following certification examinations must be passed before admission to Internship II: Special Education General Curriculum tests #081 and 082 (or #581 combined tests).

Important Notes:

Students assume primary responsibility for knowledge of and compliance with program requirements. Questions should be directed to the student's advisor.