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Adolescent & Adult Education


Greg Dziuban
Graduate Admissions Coordinator

University Hall 271

Post-Baccalaureate, Non-Degree Teaching Certification in Spanish

The certification would allow individuals to teach Spanish in Georgia secondary schools in grades P-12.  Individuals with an undergraduate degree in a subject other than Spanish will likely need to take additional coursework in Spanish in order to gain admission to this program.

Required courses

The program of study consists of eight (8) required courses totaling 24 semester hours.  Coursework consists of professional education classes, specialized courses regarding secondary school environments, a specialized methodology course and an internship. 

Professional Education Courses (11 hours)
EDUC6000 Professional Orientation to Teaching 3
EDUC6100 Technology Applications for Teachers 2
EDUC6200 Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment 3
EDUC6300 Students with Disabilities 3

Specialized Secondary Education Courses (6 hours)
SCED6400 Classroom Management 3
SCED6500 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum 3

Specialized Content Course (3 hours)
SPAN 5442G Content and Methods in Spanish Education 3

Internship (4 hours)
SPAN 6750 Teaching Internship 4

A full-time, semester-long, field-based graduate internship (student teaching) is under the tutelage of a university supervisor.  This internship cannot begin until all other required courses have been completed.

TOTAL     24 hours