Secondary, Adult & Physical Education

Course Rotation Schedule

M.A.T. in Middle Grades Education

Course Spring Summer Fall
EDUC 6000: Professional Orientation to Teaching X X X
EDUC 6100: Technology Theories & Applications for Teachers X X X
EDUC 6200: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment X X X
EDUC 6300: Educating Students with Disabilities in the General Education Classroom X   X
MGSE 6000: Middle Level Theory & Practice X X X
MGSE 6100: Understanding the Nature & Needs of the Adolescent Learner   X  
MGSE 6400: Classroom Management X   X
MGSE 6500: Instructional Approaches to Reading & Writing across the Curriculum X X X
MGSE 6750: Internship X   X
MGSE 5300G: Content Methods Language Arts X   X
MGSE 5400G: Content Methods Social Studies X   X
MGSE 5500G: Content Methods Science X   X
MGSE 5600G: Content Methods Middles Grades Mathematics X   X