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Greg Dziuban
Graduate Admissions Coordinator

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About - Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Adult Education & Human Resource Development

Format: Blended Program

The Master of Education in Adult Education and Human Resource Development is an advanced master’s degree designed to assist individuals who are trainers and educators to better disseminate their knowledge to other adults. 

Armstrong Advantage

The Master of Education in Adult Education program allows students to build upon their workplace knowledge and area of expertise to become educational leaders in their current field and community.

Although this degree prepares its graduates for a wide variety of career opportunities, it is offered in very few institutions of higher education, making it a popular and sought-after choice for individuals seeking advancement in many community and corporate settings.


Alumni from the Adult Education program are currently working or have worked in the following:

  • Savannah Technical College
  • Memorial University Teaching & Health Care Systems Center
  • Armstrong Atlantic State University
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Private local businesses
  • Federal Corrections Institutes
  • Savannah State University
  • St. Joseph’s/Candler Health Care Systems
  • Community non-profits (St. Mary’s Community Center, Goodwill Industries, Habitat for Humanity, Mercy Housing, Depart of Family & Child Services)
  • City of Savannah
  • Ocean-Site Nursing Home, Tybee Island
  • U.S. Representative’s staff
  • The Mansion on Forsyth (esthetician/trainer)

Required courses

The program of study consists of 10 required courses totaling 30 semester hours.

Professional Education Core Courses (18 hours)
ADED 7100 History and Theory of Adult Education and Literacy 3*
ADED 7110 Psychology of the Adult Learner 3
ADED 7120 Program Planning and Evaluation 3
FOUN7060 Educational Research 3*
ADED 7160 Community Development and Personal Leadership 3
ADED 7170 Grant Writing in Adult Learning 3
ADED7180 Cultural Diversity and Community Development 3

Area of Specialization Courses (12 hours)

Human Resources
HRDV7400 Human Resource Development Theory and Practice 3*
HRDV7410 Organizational Theory and Practice 3*
HRDV7420 Management and Leadership Behavior 3
HRDV7430 Structure of the Human Resource Framework 3

Capstone Course (3 hours)
ADED 7500 Workplace Application 3

TOTAL HOURS                                                               


* Note:  The courses above meet either for all 15 weeks of the semester, the first seven weeks or the second seven weeks.  Courses that meet for seven weeks are marked with an asterisk.
Most courses are offered face-to-face at night and some courses are available online.  Not all courses are offered every semester.  (Please check the Class Schedule Listing on the Armstrong web site to see course information for the upcoming semester.)