SPARC II Implementation Timeline

October 2013

  • SPARC II members met to review seven proposals for the 2013-14 cycle.  Three project directors were provided feedback and requested to undergo resubmission.  New grantees will be announced in November 2013.

August 2013

  • Request for Proposals announced to campus.

July 2013

  • SPARC II presented year-end report to President’s Cabinet (available on right).

April 2013

  • SPARC II convened on April 30 to receive reports from the four continuing and five new grantees for 2012-13.  Summaries of activities and outcomes for each project are available here: SPARC Grants 2012-13.  Four of the new grant projects were recommended for continued funding during the 2013-14 cycle.

January 2013

  • SPARC II met on January 11 to review eight proposal submissions for the 2012-13 cycle. Five new grants were awarded.

September 2012

  • Request for Proposals announced to campus.

August 2012

  • SPARC grant recipients were featured in a convocation video and reports posted on the website.
  • SPARC report to the president approved by President’s Cabinet (available at right).

July 2012

  • Four of the six grantees from 2011-12 received continued funding for 2012-13.  The other projects were considered to be successful, but the council recommended that these efforts continue by being incorporated as part of the duties of personnel in appropriate campus offices.
  • SPARC II recommendations finalized and presented to the president.

May 2012

  • SPARC workshop included reports from vice presidents regarding progress toward strategic priorities.
  • SPARC grant recipients provided reports on their programs, which would be shared with faculty and staff during fall convocation.
  • Recommendations for ongoing membership and monitoring activities were developed.

March 2012

  • SPARC II met to discuss a May workshop for reports on progress toward the strategic plan from Vice Presidents as well as reports on activities among grant recipients.

November 2011

  • Monitoring team activities completed for fall semester.  Dr. Bob Gregerson was selected to replace Anne Thompson as SPARC II co-chair.
  • One SPARC grant application was referred back to the SPARC II committee for review, as USG funding, previously thought to be available to pay for this initiative, is not.  The grant will be reviewed in January 2012.

October 2011

  • SPARC II monitoring teams met with small groups and drafted reports, which will be reviewed in early 2012.
  • The SPARC grant led by Dr. John Hobe, “Enhancing Education for Teens Through Literacy,” was selected for funding.
  • Mid-term reports were received from the first round of SPARC grants; all were within budget and demonstrated progress with activities and goals.

September 2011

  • A second round of SPARC grants was announced to the campus, with eight submissions.  SPARC II members also met and divided into monitoring teams to meet with small groups of students as part of the first phase of assessing implementation of the strategic plan.

August 2011

  • President Bleicken outlined the status of strategic plan implementation and current activities and successes at Fall Convocation

July 2011

  • SPARC II notified grant recipients of award and next steps to execute proposals.

June 2011

  • SPARC II met in early June to review and discuss all submitted grant proposals. Selection results include:
  • Two proposals selected for full SPARC II funding
  • Two proposals were redirected from SPARC II grant process and funded under Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, respectively
  • Three proposals were sent back to the authors for adjustments and resubmission

April 2011

  • SPARC II announced the rollout of SPARC Grants for 2011-2012. The call for proposals focused on funding initiatives that support the mission, vision, values, and goals of the Strategic Plan. Grants of up to $5,000 are available for projects that will enhance Armstrong’s commitment to student success. The Armstrong community submitted 19 proposals in response to the call.
  • SPARC II interview teams met with Student Affairs, Business and Finance, Academic Affairs, and Advancement to gauge efforts by each division in implementing the Strategic Plan. Reports from the division interviews can be downloaded below:

Division Interview Reports all reports in PDF format (pdf)

Academic Affairs
Business & Finance
Student Affairs

March 2011

  • Two-day Campus Leadership Workshops, led by Dr. Madeline Adler, were held with Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business and Finance, and Advancement to facilitate a campus dialogue as to how to implement the Strategic Plan and the roles each division should play to help move the plan forward.
  • SPARC II, led by Dr. Madeline Adler, met to prepare for discussing the plan with campus constituents and developing a process for reporting progress toward goals.

February 2011

  • President Bleicken appointed SPARC II and charged the team with the responsibility of monitoring and tracking progress toward accomplishment of the strategic goals.

January 2011

  • The plan was presented to President’s Cabinet.
  • President Bleicken presented a draft of the plan to faculty, staff and students during Spring Convocation.
  • Throughout the month, Dr. Bleicken also presented the draft to the Foundation Board, Alumni Board, Faculty Senate, Staff Advisory Council, Student Government Association and other external stakeholders.