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Transient Student Information

Transient to Armstrong State University

Students from other universities visiting our campus for one or more classes are considered transient students. Transient students apply to Armstrong using a transient letter from their home school (also called a letter of good standing). Transient status lasts one semester and is renewable for a second term with a new transient letter.

Transient From Armstrong State University

Students requesting transient status must have been enrolled at Armstrong for the semester immediately prior to the transient term (excluding summer). Grades and quality points earned for these courses will have an effect on the student's overall grade point average at Armstrong  and are considered in calculating graduation with honors.

Transient Checklist

  • Carefully read, complete, and sign the Transient Permission Form
  • Get approval for transient course work with the signature of your academic advisor
  • Submit the permission form to the Registrar's Office for processing
  • Apply to the host school and follow the host school's guidelines for transient students (It is the student's responsibility to contact the other institution to determine admission requirements and registration procedures). 
  • Submit your transient course work to Armstrong on an official transcript at the end of transient term (An official transcript from the transient institution at the end of the specified term must be on file at Armstrong in order to register for a subsequent term at Armstrong. If the student does not attend the transient institution, the Transient Non-Attendance Statement is required). 
  • If you are planning to use Financial Aid to apy for a transient class, you will need to submit the Consortium Agreement with your Transient Permission Form. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information. 
  • If you are a graduating senior you must obtain written permission from their major department head, subject to approval by the Registrar's Office, to be a transient student during their final term before graduation. Upon receipt of such permission, students are responsible for assuring that the Armstrong Registrar's Office has received official grades from the transient institution prior to awarding of the degree. This includes posting degree completion on official Armstrong transcripts.

Special Instructions for Transient To or From Savannah State University

Armstrong students planning to go transient to Savannah State University or Savannah State students interested in applying to Armstrong as a transient student should review the requirements for the Armstrong State-Savannah State Exchange Program. 

Armstrong State-Savannah State Exchange Program

Any Armstrong student that is registered for a minimum of nine (9) credit hours at Armstrong may register for no less than three (3) and no more than six (6) credit hours at Savannah State University (SSU) without paying any additional fees. This program requires that the student register the transient courses to be taken at SSU with the Registrar's Office via completion of the Armstrong-Savannah State Exchange Program Form. However, more than one half of the semester hours must be taken at the home university.


Transient Permission Form
Transient Non-Attendance Statement
Armstrong-Savannah Exchange Program Form