University Registrar

Transcript Requests


Academic Records

The Registrar's Office maintains official academic records (credit and non-credit) for undergraduate and graduate students at the university. An individual transcript detailing all course work attempted, hours earned, and computation of three GPA's (institutional, transfer, and overall) constitutes the student's permanent academic record. Other student records stored include the admissions application, admission test scores, transcripts from institutions previously attended and various data change forms. Armstrong follows the published guidelines established by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) for record retention and disposition. Armstrong publishes policies on the confidentiality of records in the official student handbook, Students Illustrated, and in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

Printing an Unofficial Transcript

You can print an unofficial transcript via the Port of Armstrong.  Click on the My Records tab and choose either the Academic Transcript link or the Permanent Student Record link.  Your Email or Wifi User ID and password are required to log into the Port.

Ordering an Official Transcript

You must submit a Transcript Request Form for an official transcript. This may be done in person with a photo ID in the Registrar's Office or by fax or by mail. There is no fee for official transcripts.

Mail Transcript Request to:
Registrar's Office
Downstairs Lobby in Victor Hall
11935 Abercorn Street
Savannah, Georgia 31419
or Fax Request to: 912.344.3470

Requests sent by mail or fax must include your name (including all maiden/previous names), student identification number, dates of attendance at Armstrong, number of copies needed, address(es) to which the transcript(s) should be sent, your address, and your signature. Failure to provide this information could result in delays or the return of your request.

In accordance with Armstrong State University policy, as well as with state and federal privacy laws, your signature is required for release of your academic transcript. We do not accept requests for transcripts over the telephone.

Processing Time

Transcript requests are filled upon receipt.  Processing may take up to 10 business days. These days refer to processing time within the Registrar's Office and do not account for mailing and delivery time to or from the university. U.S. mail delivery and mail processing times at other institutions are variables over which Armstrong has no control.

Students who have not attended Armstrong State University since 1991 may have an additional delay if your transcript has not been converted to our electronic system.

Please plan ahead to avoid delays.

Immediate Processing of Transcripts

Transcripts can be produced for you in person at the service counter in the main lobby of Victor Hall. A picture ID and student ID number are required.

Authorization for a Second Party/Representative to Receive a Transcript

We require a signed authorization to release the transcript to your representative. Your representative also needs to provide a picture ID.

Faxing of Your Academic Record

Transcripts can be faxed only to other educational institutions or prospective employers within the continental United States. Faxed transcripts are UNOFFICIAL and must be followed up with an official copy via U.S. mail. You must submit a written request for an official copy to be mailed. The university cannot ensure confidentiality for any documents that are faxed.

Access to Your Student Folder

The following student records may be stored in your student folder: admissions application; standardized test scores, transcripts from institutions previously attended and various data change forms. Most of the information contained in these records is loaded into the Armstrong student information system upon admission to the university. This information is available through logging into the Port of Armstrong and accessing Armstrong's web interface, S.H.I.P. 

Subpoenaed Student Records

The University must comply with all subpoenas for records. If your records are subpoenaed, you will be notified by mail and allowed 5 days to obtain a court order for the subpoena to be quashed. If you notify us that proceedings for a quash are in progress, you must subsequently forward to us the court motion to quash. If the university does not receive official court documents of a quash, it is bound to comply with the demands of the original subpoena.