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To find out what your semester GPA will be at the end of the semester, enter the anticipated grade and the number of credit hours for each class you're taking.

If you'd like to know what your updated cumulative GPA might be, use the field at the bottom to enter your current cumulative GPA and total GPA hours for the courses you've already completed.  This information can be found by following the instructions in the right sidebar. 

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This calculator is only intended to assist students in estimating their GPA.  It may not accurately reflect an actual GPA, especially if students are retaking any courses for a better grade.


SAP Calculator

In order to lookup your official earned hours and GPA, sign in to the Port of Armstrong.  Click on the My Records tab and then the Academic Transcript link.

GPA hours and GPA are listed at the bottom of the transcript under Transcript Totals.  Use the Overall GPA Hours at the bottom of the 4th column, and enter the Overall GPA at the bottom of the last column.