University Registrar

Enrollment Verifications

Students occasionally require correspondence to confirm registration hours, attendance, and other information. An Enrollment Verification is an official letter for this purpose. These verifications may include:
  • Pre-Registration
    Term/year, semester dates, hours enrolled, enrollment status for the term about to or just started
  • Current Enrollment
    Term/year, semester dates, hours enrolled, and enrollment status for the current term
  • Previous Enrollment
    Term/year, semester dates, hours enrolled, and enrollment status for previous terms
  • Anticipated Graduation Date

Enrollment Verification Uses

Most often, students need Enrollment Verifications for:
  • Student Health Insurance
  • Good Student Driver Discounts
  • Scholarship Agencies
  • Military ID Renewal
  • Background Checks
  • Deferring a Student Loan
    Please let your lender know the information required is found at Deferment forms submitted to the Registrar are forwarded to the National Student Clearinghouse weekly.

Requesting Enrollment Verification

Student Access

Enrollment Verification may be obtained from the National Student Clearinghouse at for a charge of $2.50, or through SHIP at no charge following the steps below:
  1. Log onto the Port of Armstrong, then SHIP.
  2. Click on Student Services and Financial Aid
  3. Click on Academic and Account Information
  4. Click Enrollment Verification (National Student Clearing House page opens)
  5. Select current enrollment or all enrollment
  6. Click Obtain Enrollment Certificate (page opens)
  7. Print your verification

Other options available are Degree Verify & Loan Deferment Processing.
The option to order or track a transcript is not currently available.

Third Party Access through National Student Clearinghouse
  1. Click Verify Current Enrollment
  2. Scroll to bottom of page and click I Agree
  3. Select Armstrong State University
  4. Complete Subject and Personal Information block
  5. Submit Request
  6. Credit card payment page opens

Students who need verification of GPA, Good Standing or Date of Birth should contact the Registrar's Office in Victor Hall.