University Registrar

Core Requirements for Undergraduates

University Core Curriculum

The semester core curriculum at Armstrong State University is required of all baccalaureate students. The core recognizes three broad categories of students: non-science majors, science majors, and clinical health majors. Major-specific courses are in Area F of the core and are different for each major. The majors in each classification are as follows:

Non-Science Majors Science Majors Clinical Health Majors
Art Applied Physics Communication Science and Disorders
Criminal Justice Biology Medical Laboratory Science
Economics Chemistry Nursing
Education Computer Science Radiologic Sciences
English Mathematics Respiratory Therapy
Fine Arts Rehabilitation Sciences
Gender and Women's Studies Psychology (Bachelor of Science)
Health Science GTREP/RETP (pre-engineering)
Information Technology
Law and Society
Liberal Studies
Political Science
Psychology (Bachelor of Arts)

Core Curriculum Notes

Core Curriculum Checksheet

  • Precalculus is required for majors in applied physics, biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, radiologic sciences -- radiation therapy track, and rehabilitation sciences.
  • Calculus is required for engineering studies students.
  • For non-science majors, the two science courses do not have to be in sequence, and one of the science courses may be a non-lab course.
  • Science majors must take a lab science sequence and a specified math course; statistics is required for biology majors; calculus I is required for majors in applied physics, chemistry, computer science, and mathematics; calculus II is required for engineering majors.
  • Clinical health majors must take a biology, chemistry, or physics sequence; the third course must be statistics. (See Core Area D, Option IIB.)
  • If a student who has not yet declared a major is contemplating a science or clinical health major, it is recommended that he or she take the area D for that science or clinical health major.
  • The legislative history/constitution requirement can be met by a single course - HIST/POLS 1100.
  • A course may be used only once to satisfy a degree requirement in core areas A-E.