Recreation & Wellness

Class Descriptions



This is a 30 minute class and will target the entire stomach using resistance, physio balls, BOSU, a mat, and more.  

Cardio Pump

This class is designed to work the entire body while incorporating cardio moves with strength building exercises. This is a great workout to sweat those pounds away.


High Intensity Interval Training is an interval style training alternating between periods of  high intensity cardio followed by periods of rest making it an excellent way to burn calories.


Combining strength moves and endurance exercises targeting the entire body, this weighted kettlebell class will kick your fitness into high gear.


This class is designed for all levels of fitness.  Learn all types of punches, jabs, hooks, upper cuts, leg agility, and core.  You will leave this class with a workout from head to toe!


Pilates mat uses exercises to strengthen the core, improve posture , and increase flexibility for a total body workout. This class will use Pilates Rings, a mat and a physio ball.


Awesome cardiovascular workout on specially designed stationary bicycles.  Rides include a variety of seated and standing drills that simulate outdoor cycling such as sprints, hill climbs and jumps.

Step Aerobics

This class involves performing different exercises with the arms and legs while stepping onto and off of a platform step.  This will get your heart rate up and it is a GREAT cardio workout!

Strength & Tone

This muscle conditioning class focuses on defining muscles and building overall body strength using weights, bands, bars, and more.

Tabata 30

This is an interval class that consists of cardio based exercises that move quickly. Working on speed, endurance, and your own body resistance strength Tabata is a great way to get in shape.

Total Body Blast

This is powerful class that includes weights, circuit training, core, agility, and more . Get ready to sweat!


This is a new approach to exercise that leverages your own body weight and the force of gravity by suspended straps It develops strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination and core stability all simultaneously.


This class focuses on muscular strength using resistance bands, body bars, dumbbells, and your own body resistance.


Appropriate for all, this class is designed to increase flexibility and improve overall strength. It also includes mindfulness practice, deep relaxation, and quiet contemplation.


This cardiovascular dance class includes a combo of salsa, meringue, cha cha and more that will get those feet moving and heart rate pumping.