Topic Selection Timeline Details

The following table outlines Armstrong’s efforts to select a QEP topic; ultimately, First Class

November 12, 2010 QEP Steering Committee is formed - members
November 23, 2010

Initial meeting of the QEP Steering Committee - minutes

  • Discussed importance of QEP to Armstrong
  • Provided informational resources on QEP
  • Developed outline for soliciting QEP proposals
December 20, 2010

QEP web page launched to Armstrong Community

  • Emails sent to faculty, staff, students, foundation board, and alumni board showcasing web site
  • Information about QEP with examples
  • Solicitation process outlined
January 21, 2011

Armstrong community forum on QEPs - PowerPoint presentation

  • Faculty, staff, students, foundation board, alumni board invited
  • Information on QEPs
  • Discussion of Armstrong's QEP web page as a resource
February 21, 2011

Brief Initial Proposals Submitted

  • Faculty, staff, students, foundation board, alumni board all invited to submit initial QEP ideas
  • QEP proposal interest determined and early stage guidance provided
  • Five initial proposals distributed to university community on QEP website and via email
  • Comments welcomed from Armstrong community members
March 4, 2011

QEP Roundtable - handout and attendees

  • All members of the Armstrong community invited
  • QEP submitters met with interested Armstrong community members
  • QEP submitters received instructions on longer submission
April 4, 2011

QEP Proposals Due

April 11, 2011

Steering Committee meeting to discuss QEP proposals - minutes

  • Initial strengths, weaknesses, and questions identified
  • Committee sent list clarifying questions to each QEP submission team
April 19, 2011

Steering committee meeting to discuss QEP proposals - follow up questions and answers

  • Follow-up answers included in deliberations
  • List of recommendations produced for SACS leadership team
July 7, 2011

Armstrong's SACS Leadership Team selects a topic - minutes

  • Based on the proposals and the QEP Topic Selection Steering Committee's review, First-Year Seminar with an emphasis on Information Literacy was chosen
  • Summary of topic selection process