The printshop provides various weights of paper, but departments may also provide their own paper at their own expense. Using your own paper offers a small discount on black and white copies, but prices will remain the same for color copies. There is a 10% discount on 250+ copies. Special pricing applies to select sizes, paper weights and printing formats. For these services, Print Shop personnel should be contacted for a price quote.

Papers in Stock

  • 8.5 x 11: 20 lb., 28 lb.
  • 11 x 17: 100 lb. white gloss, 8 pt. white, 10 pt. white, 12 pt. white 
  • 12 x 18: 8pt. white, 10pt. white
Pricing for Color Copies (includes cost of paper)
Paper Stock Standard Weight
(20 lb, 28 lb)
Mid Weight
(8pt, 100lb)
Heavy Weight
(10pt, 12pt)
8.5 x 11 One-sided: $.35
Two-sided: $.50
One-sided: $.45
Two-sided: $.70
One-sided: $.50
Two-sided: $.90
11 x 17 One-sided: $.70
Two-sided: $1.00
One-sided: $.90
Two-sided: $1.40
One-sided: $1.00
Two-sided: $1.80
Pricing for Black and White Copies
Paper Stock Printshop Paper (20lb) Your Paper
one-sided  8.5 x 11 $.07 $.065
11 x 17 $.13 $.125
two-sided 8.5 x 11 $.10 $.095
11 x 17 $.19 $.185

Business Cards

The Pirate Print Shop offers Business card printing and design services.  All design services are completed in our Marketing & Communications department.  Once the design portion of the project is completed the printing is conducted by the print shop.

Pricing for standard 2-color (250 count): $28.00

For any special or additional Business card printing needs contact the Pirate Print Shop.

Poster Printing

All 12x18 printing or larger can be accommodated by the print shop.
For pricing please contact the Pirate Print Shop.

Booklet Making

For custom and special booklet making projects please contact the Print Shop for pricing.

Cutting, Punching, and Folding

The Pirate Print Shop offers additional services for print work completed on site:
  • Cutting
  • Hole punch
  • Staple
  • Folding
  • Saddle Stitch 
  • Collate

Please contact Print Shop personnel for the pricing of these services.


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