Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah Georgia.

WJCL/Fox – Interview About New Branding and Marketing Campaign

No University is better than Armstrong. Students, like Ana Barbosa, say the campus offers everything they need.

"I really like the campus and how everything is like buildings and bricks and stuff like that. Being an internation student, it's so American. I really like it here," Barbosa said.

For others, it's what the university has to offer.

"People think that Georgia State or Georgia Tech are the best campuses out there, but they need to look at the fact that Armstrong has got qualifications and things. I think they need to look at Armstrong," said student, Apekshidh Ramesha.

After 75 years, Armstrong wants to change its image to reflect a more cultural and social university; a way for the school to stay relevant and competitive. The focus now is to link Armstrong to the city of Savannah.

"People need to know who we are but also where we are. And so we're intentionally linking Armstrong with the city of Savannah. It's where we live. It's a beautiful city," explained University President, Linda Bleicken.

Currently, 7,682 students attend Armstrong. At nearby Savannah State University there are 3,800 students, and at Georgia Southern there are nearly 20,000 students.

With so many schools nearby, Armstrong is trying to distinguish itself by emphasizing the word "Armstrong", a name that some students already adopted.

The crossover also calls for changes to the website, as well as billboards and recruitment package materials.

"Takes us out there. We have an international mission. We love working with the region in Savannah but we want our influence as educators to go up further than that," said Dr. Liz Desnoyers-Coles.

Bleicken says it took several months to come up with branding, a move they hope will make Armstrong bigger and better than ever.
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