Stuart Glasby


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B.A., Political Science; Graduate Certificate in Cyber Affairs and Security; M.S. in Criminal Justice

Specialized Training:

US Marine Corps Reserve Veteran.

Cyber Forensics Training:

National White Collar Crime Center Fast Track Program (Certified Analyst)

  • ISEE - Identifying and Seizing of Electronic Evidence
  • STOP - Secure Techniques for Onsite Preview
  • BDRA - Basic Data Recovery and Acquisition
  • IDRA - Intermediate Data Recovery and Analysis
  • BCPI - Basic Cell Phone Investigations
  • GPSI - GPS Interrogation
  • Macintosh Triage and Imaging
  • Apple iDevice Forensics

Mississippi State University National Forensics Training Center

  • Introduction to Digital Forensics
  • Advanced Digital Forensics

International Data Forensic Solutions Center

  • Computer Forensics Investigation Training

Digital Intelligence, Inc.

  • Forensics Recovery Evidence Device (FRED) Training

International Data Forensic Solutions Center (IDFSC)

  • Computer Forensic Investigation Training
  • Digital Evidence Collection Training


  • AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE)