Departmental Services

The Armstrong State University Police Department personnel are certified and trained to offer numerous services to the university and its community.

Emergency Medical Responders (EMR)

The Armstrong Police Department now has Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) on staff 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Officers Michael Tyler, Logan Woods, Tiffany Land, and Keith Jeffries  have completed a comprehensive training course that certifies them as EMRs. Lifesaving skills in the first responder course include recognizing unsafe scenarios and hazardous materials emergencies, protection from blood borne pathogens, controlling bleeding, applying splints, conducting a primary life-saving patient assessment, in-line spinal stabilization and transport, CPR, and calling for more advanced medical help.

This is part of the ongoing effort of the Armstrong Police to meet the ever-changing needs of the university. While all of the Armstrong Police officers possess basic first aid/CPR skills, these individuals have been trained to handle medical emergencies on a more advanced level. The Emergency Medical Responders (Certified First Responders) will provide medical attention within their scope until more qualified medical personnel arrive on scene. 

Safety Escort Service

The Armstrong community works very hard to make sure that our campus is safe for everyone.  In fact, the campus is illuminated by 428 street and walkway lights  from dusk to dawn.  Officers report burnt out lights on a nightly basis.  Clicking on the link below will bring up a full-size map showing the location of street and sidewalk lights on campus.

The Armstrong Police officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day and upon request can provide safety escorts.  The safety escort is not a taxi service and may consist of an officer walking with the requestor to their vehicle or to an on-campus building.  Individuals requesting the escort service should be prepared to wait for an available officer.

Call the Armstrong Police at 912-344-3333 to request an escort or to report a burnt out street or walkway light.

Vehicle Jumps

The University Police is equipped with portable vehicle jump boxes and may be able to assist when a motorist has a dead battery.  The service is limited to the main campus and when the department has adequate available manpower.  The service is not a substitute for good vehicle maintenance and the Armstrong Police Department reserves the right to limit the number of times that an individual may use this service.

Crime Prevention

The University Police offers various Crime Prevention suggestions and techniques to make everyone on campus safer and more aware. The University Police provides classes and lectures through-out the year.

Flat Tire Assistance

The Armstrong Police may be able to assist if a motorist has a flat tire while on campus.  Normally, the officers will not actually change the tire, but will oversee the tire changing process to ensure that it is accomplished in a safe manner.  The officers have access to a hydraulic jack when the vehicle's jack is not adequate or safe.

Disabled Vehicles

If your vehicle is disabled while on campus, you must notify the Armstrong Police.  You will be given 24 hours to remove the vehicle from campus.  Disabled vehicles that are leaking fluids or otherwise pose a public safety hazard may be towed immediately by the Armstrong Police.  Inoperative vehicles are not permitted on campus.

Vehicle Storage

The University does not permit the storage of vehicles on campus, unless there is a business necessity and prior arrangements have been made with the Armstrong Police.  Vehicles left on campus during breaks may be towed unless prior arrangements have been made with the Armstrong Police.

Frequently Used Forms

These PDF files can be printed, completed, and submitted.

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