Student Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA, also known as the Buckley Amendment) seeks to open records access to students while providing protection for students of their university-held records. Instructors, administrators and the like (within the same institution) may look at a student's record if they have a "legitimate educational interest."

The following records are kept on students at Armstrong. Students have the right to examine their "Education" records within 45 days of a request. The university may charge students 15 cents per sheet for requested copies of records. University transcripts are free.

A student has the right to the opportunity of challenging the content of his or her education record and to secure the correction of inaccurate or misleading entries. The student may "insert a written explanation into his or her records..respecting the content of such records." A student may challenge a grade in his or her record only on the grounds that it was inaccurately recorded.

Type of Record and Place to Access Record
1. Admission: Admissions
2. Permanent Student Records: Registrar's Office
3. Placement Credentials: Career Services
4. Housing Records: Housing and Residence Life
5. Financial Aid: Financial Aid Office
6. Department Major: Appropriate Dept.
7. Teacher Education: College of Education
8. Student Disciplinary: Student Affairs

Directory Information
For a description of Directory Information categories used at Armstrong, please visit the Registrar's website at Withholding Directory Information

The university may transfer information:

1. To other institutions where the student seeks enrollment.
2. In connection with a student application or receipt of financial aid.
3. To certain public officials.
4. To parents of a student who is a dependent for income tax purposes.
5. To appropriate persons in case of health or safety emergencies.
6. To accrediting organizations.
7. To national organizations seeking to establish national student norms, i.e., Educational Testing Service and University Entrance Examination Board.

Other than these exceptions, the university may not release "personally-identifiable information in education records," or allow anyone access to these records, unless the student has given his or her written consent "specifying records to be released, reasons for such releases and to whom" and a copy of the released records is furnished the student. Students who have further questions, may contact the Office of Student Affairs

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