Student Activities

The student activity fee enables students to enjoy a program of social, cultural, recreational and co-curricular activities and services. Payment of this fee entitles students to admission to drama programs, performing arts programs, guest speakers, special events, dances and concerts at little or no cost. Students are also entitled to copies of the weekly newspaper, the Inkwell and the university literary magazine, the Calliope; and this handbook.

The Student Senate develops the student activities' budget, which is based on the recommendations of the Student Activities Fee (SAF) Committee, chaired by the Director of Student Activities and which is subject to the approval of the Vice President for Student Affairs. The following guidelines are used to determine funding eligibility by the SAF Committee.

For a program to be funded by activity fees, one of the two following criteria must be met.

  1. The organization must exist purely to serve or represent the student body as a whole. Its programs and operations benefit the overall student body and participation in the organization must be open to all students. The organization must not have any racial, religious or ethnic ties which might discourage otherwise interested students from joining it.

    The organization cannot have as its primary aim service to any special interest group, but must rather serve the entire student body.
  2. The organization must be presenting a program which satisfies the following three requirements:
                         A.  The program must be of general benefit to the student body and participation
                               in the program must be open to all interested students.

                         B.  The program must be one which the sponsoring organization is uniquely able
                               to present or at least one which the sponsoring organization is clearly better
                               able to present than any other campus organization already funded under
                               Criteria No. 1 above.

                         C.   The program must have sufficient value to warrant its funding when compared
                                to other programs satisfying the other criteria explained above.

If an organization requests funding for a program that satisfies the above requirements, then the SAF Committee may recommend Senate approval. Of course, the SAF Committee reserves the right to review any organization at any time to assure that the organization is complying with the guidelines above.

Students are encouraged to participate in the formation and implementation of university policy. Student input is provided by membership on the following Faculty and University Committees:

Standing Committees of the Faculty
Academic Standards Committee 4
Honors Advisory Committee 1
International Programs and Activities 1
Library Committee 1
Student Success Committee 2
Writing Committee 2
Planning, Budget and Facilities Committee 2
Educational Technology Committee 2

Standing Committees of the University
Committee on Disability Services 1
Intercollegiate Athletics Committee 4
Multicultural Affairs Committee 1
Student Activities Committee 3

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