Alcohol Policies and Regulations

While at Armstrong, young adults may make decisions concerning their personal use of alcohol. Armstrong State University recognizes that the decision to drink or abstain is a personal one that must be left to the individual. If, however, decisions concerning alcohol are made, they should be based on the consequences. Armstrong State University expects that all members of the campus community recognize the potential for alcohol abuse whenever and wherever alcohol is consumed.

To discourage abuse, the university has established policies and regulations to limit the use of alcohol and regulate the consumption of such beverages on campus. Because of the university's responsibilities in adhering to state and local laws and for the safety, health and well-being of members of the Armstrong community, persons who choose to use alcohol outside the boundaries of this policy are at risk of some level of university response. In particular, persons who infringe on the rights of others, who are disorderly, or who destroy university property as a result of alcohol use shall be held accountable for their actions and shall be subject to disciplinary and/or civil action. (See Student Code of Conduct)

Questions regarding the policy on alcohol use should be directed to the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Alcohol Regulations

  1. The sale of alcohol on campus is illegal and expressly forbidden.
  2. The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.
  3. The serving, possession, or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited unless prior written approval is granted by the Vice President for Student Affairs for special institutionally-sponsored events. Under such approval, the following conditions apply:
    1. The use of student activities' funds for the purchase of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
    2. A person under 21 years of age may not possess or consume alcoholic beverages.
    3. A person of legal drinking age must not provide alcoholic beverages to underage persons.
    4. A person must not present a false identification, either written or oral, in order to obtain alcoholic beverages.
    5. Persons and/or organizations who have permission to serve alcohol must sign a statement accepting full responsibility for any personal injuries, damages to property, and cleanup of Armstrong State University property. Organizations are reminded that events held off-campus must adhere to the same alcohol regulations as on-campus events.
    6. The advisor of an organization who has permission to serve alcohol at a special event is required to be present at the event.
    7. An organization must check student identifications for legal drinking age when monitoring events.
    8. At special functions where the use of alcohol is approved, consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted only within the approved area designated for the event.
    9. Non-alcoholic beverages must be equally as available as alcoholic beverages and a reasonable portion of the budget for the event shall be designated for the purchase of food items. Promotional materials for the event shall not make reference to the amount of and/or type of alcoholic beverages available.
    10. Drinking games or activities contributing to alcohol overindulgence are prohibited and alcohol cannot be given as a prize for contests, games and other such activities.
    11. Intoxication will not be accepted as an excuse for disorderly conduct on campus or at institutionally-sponsored student events.
    12. A person who is intoxicated will be prevented from driving a motor vehicle by campus police officers.
    13. A person who is in an obvious state of intoxication shall not be given an alcoholic beverage by another person.

Students who choose to violate these policies will be held responsible under the Student Code of Conduct. If an administrative or Student Court hearing is necessary, the accused student is entitled to all the rights guaranteed under the Student Code of Conduct.

Revised Fall Semester 2002

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