After Midterm - Where's My Progress Report?

Students experience many changes in the transition from high school to college, especially when it comes to expectations. But one change that often surprises students is the need to self-monitor their academic performance.
It can take a while for students to get used to the flow of college academics.
  • Sometimes a professor will base a semester grade on as few as two test results. The infrequent grading can make it difficult for students to gauge their progress.
  • The syllabus is critical to student success. Students must pay close attention to this document, which spells out all expectations for each class.
Typically, college professors keep students informed of their grades on individual tests and other work, but most professors do not maintain nor do they report a running average—instead, students are expected to keep an eye on their own progress. They may receive little to no feedback from professors when it comes to class progress.
This is important to know, because midterm is a critical juncture for students who struggle in a particular class. Before midterm, students can pull out of a class and receive a grade of “W” for withdrawal, but after midterm, professors must assign a grade of “WF” for any student who drops a class.
This is a good time to do a thorough progress evaluation, to determine whether a student is falling behind. There’s still time to pull up a low grade. But the time for dropping a class has passed.