Help Students Help Themselves: Important Information for Parents of Residential Students

By: Angela Storck, Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life

If you are like a lot of the parents Armstrong residential students, you may be feeling a little sad that your student is no longer at home. Maybe you miss them or worry about them, and you want to participate a little more in helping your student be as successful at Armstrong as possible. We in Housing and Residence Life want you to help us by helping your student maximize the comfort and satisfaction in their residence hall space, and by reminding them of some important upcoming dates and timelines.  Here are some things you can do to help your student be more successful as a residential student at Armstrong.

Remind your students of their upcoming residence hall health and safety inspections. Housing and Residence Life conducts a minimum of 2 health and safety inspections per semester. During these inspections, we are looking for any safety or maintenance concerns that may pop up within your student’s residential space. We want to ensure that residents are being respectful of their living spaces and that issues are being reported in a prompt manner so that they can be addressed before the situation gets out of hand. We also use this opportunity to connect with residents and to remind them of what they can and cannot have in the residence halls. Education is a big component of this process. Health and safety inspections for the fall 2012 term will take place during the weeks of September 10 – September 17 and November 5 – November 12, 2012.

Remind your students of pest control spray dates. We live in the south, and part of living in the south means living with bugs. We are very proactive in our treatment of pest issues and schedule monthly pest control sprayings in all of our university residences. Remind your students that they need to keep their rooms clean and to have things pulled away from their walls during the following pest control dates. Also remind them to dispose of their garbage on a daily basis. The biggest thing that draws bugs is food trash that is left in the room. If your student was not the cleanest at home, imagine how they may be treating their current space when mom and dad aren’t here to keep them in line! Housing and Residence Life will have pest control on campus to spray during the following time frames: August 27-29, September 24-26, October 22-24, and November 12-14. Questions about pest control or other facilities related issues can be directed to John Johnson, Assistant Director of Housing Facilities at 912-344-2940 or by emailing

Remind your student to make and keep their advisement appointment so that they can register for spring courses! This is an especially important reminder for first year students who participated in Navigate over the summer. All students MUST meet with their academic advisor each semester before registering for the subsequent semester’s courses. Advisement for spring 2013 courses will take place from October 29 – November 16, 2012. Course registration will take place from October 31 – December 3, 2012. We highly encourage your student to find out who their academic advisor is by checking their Permanent Student Record (PSR) on their SHIP account, and to make contact with that advisor well in advance of advisement. Each advisor advises a bit differently, so it is good to know how your student’s academic advisor schedules appointments and goes about the advisement process. After the advisement appointment, your student will register for classes via their SHIP account. Your student can find his/her registration date by logging into their SHIP account, clicking on the “Registration” link followed by the “Check Registration Status” link.  The registration date will be located on that page along with any potential holds which may prohibit your student’s registration.  All holds must be removed before a student will be allowed to register.

By working together, we can help to create the best possible Armstrong experience for your student. There is nothing worse than seeing a student falter during his/her time at Armstrong because of something as preventable as a missed deadline or opportunity. Help your student stay on top of things and you will be contributing not only to them but the university as well.