Student Employment Center

For fall 2012, Armstrong has launched a Student Employment Center (SEC). The SEC focuses on assisting students with finding and applying for on-campus employment positions. If your student is interested in on-campus employment, they should first contact Financial Aid to determine which positions they are eligible for: College Work Study or Institutional Work Study.

Next, each student should prepare a resumé. A resumé that has been approved by Career Services is required to apply for any position on campus. Students should create a draft and can use the Resumé Help site for guidance. Once students have a resumé draft, they should contact Career Services to have their resumé approved. This can be done by calling 912.344.2563 or emailing .

On-campus positions for fall 2012 will open for students to begin applying on August 1. Upon receiving resumé approval from Career Services, students will be shown how to apply for on-campus employment. For more information please visit the SEC site or call Career Services.