Stay Connected: Campus Engagement via Social Media

As a concerned and involved parent of an Armstrong student, I am sure you are looking for all of the ways you can remain an engaged and involved member of the Armstrong community. Family influence and involvement can make the difference between a student who persists to graduation and a student who stops out after only a few semesters. Here are some great ways to keep in contact with Armstrong as well as get connected with other parents. After all, what better resource for the parent of a college student than other parents who have already been where you are.


The parent services page on Facebook is designed to be a support system for you as an Armstrong Proud Pirate Parent. Utilize the site to see important updates on Armstrong happenings, to ask questions of Parent Services and other parents or to obtain some clarification on a topic that concerns you.  You can access the Proud Pirate Parents Facebook page by clicking


Twitter is the best site around for delivering real-time updates on what's going on at Armstrong. Follow our page as well as other important Armstrong Twitter pages to stay up-to-date on all the Armstrong current events. You can find us by going to

Parent Services Contact Form

Do you have questions that you aren't necessarily comfortable sharing with the world? Maybe it's more detailed than can fit into a Tweet. Feel free to send us a comment on our contact form located on the main Parent Services page. Click the "contact us" button to submit your inquiry. We are here to help. If we cannot answer your question, we will direct you to someone who can. The only bad question is the one that isn't asked, so reach out through the method that works best for you.