Preparing for Exams. Remember Flash Cards!

Do you remember the days of testing your student (or yourself?) with a stack of handmade flashcards? Most students go online now to use virtual flashcards. But you can still join in to quiz your student and help prepare for finals!

There are online flashcard programs that allow you to make your own flashcards or choose from millions of sets already prepared by other users. These programs will monitor a student’s progress and re-test the user on troublesome areas. You can also share your own sets of cards, which means you can prepare a set for your faraway college student and stay involved as he or she prepares for finals.

At you’ll find flashcards and practice tests, as well as fun study games. First created by a high school student, this site is user-friendly and free! Today it is used by parents and students of all ages, all around the world! is another handy site, filled with practice tests, flashcards, polls, brain games and forums.

Help your student prepare for finals, and make a difference using free, online tools.