Housing Takes a Proactive Approach in Helping Residential Students Succeed

By Angela Storck, Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life

It is not uncommon for residential students, particularly first year students, to struggle academically during their first term of study. Many students, even those who were outstanding students in high school, find that they are not performing at the same level they once did. College is tough! It is important for your student to understand that there are steps she/he can take to be more successful. Your student is not alone and does not need to shoulder this burden in silence. We are here to help.

Early in the spring term of each academic year, the Office of Housing and Residence Life reaches out to all of our residential students who we feel need an academic helping hand. Through referrals to different campus resources as well as educational programs designed to help students address their specific academic challenge areas, we endeavor to give them a little push that can keep them on track and focused on academic success.

This program is entitled Academic Early Alert (AEA) and is an initiative the Office of Housing and Residence Life conducts in support of Complete College Georgia.
The AEA program reaches out to all residential students who achieve lower than a 2.0 GPA during the fall semester through personal communication and invitations to events targeted toward student success. The program also reaches out to students who may have performed poorly in a particular course and attempts to link that student to the resources that can help him/her be more successful.

Through a series of programs revolving around topics such as time management, study skills, note taking, getting the most out of study groups and effectively reading and studying course textbooks, we are able to help students hone the tools they need to succeed. This added guidance and mentorship allows students to receive pointers conducive to their success, as well as identify academic issues they may not know exist.

As a concerned and active parent, the Office of Housing and Residence Life encourages you to maintain a positive and open dialogue with your student regarding his/her progress. Take steps to familiarize yourself with the many resources offered at Armstrong for student use and communicate that information to your student. You are a powerful influence in your student’s life, and we encourage you to continue to support your student as they navigate the collegiate journey.

If you have any questions or believe your student could benefit from a helping hand, please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at housing@armstrong.edu or by calling 912.344.2940. We welcome your input as we endeavor to provide the best possible support for your student.