Helping your Pirate navigate through first semester.

The Armstrong Galley has a great selection of food, but it may not be a replacement for a home-cooked meal. It won’t be long before your son or daughter is back at the dinner table—if only for a night. Here are some dinnertime conversation starters that may keep your student on a path toward college success.

1. Are you keeping up with your readings?
We’ve seen that students don’t want to let parents know that they aren’t keeping up with reading assignments, especially when the problem stems from a tight budget. Students should know books are often available on reserve at Lane Library.
2. What tools do you use to manage your time?
Every student can benefit from using a good system for keeping track of assignments, whether it’s a big wall calendar or a repeating alarm system on a cell phone. The important thing to know is whether your student is actually using anything.
3. Do you check your Armstrong email?
It’s very important for students to check their official Armstrong email accounts for important notices from faculty and staff. If you really want to help your son or daughter, send a few messages to their Armstrong account and ask for a response. That way you know they’re checking!
4. What is your academic advisor’s name?
Every student is assigned an academic advisor, and students must meet with their advisors at least once per semester. Students can find advisor names on their Permanent Student Record, which they can view on their SHIP account.
5. Have you found a study partner?
Students tend to stay on track when they have a study partner to support and assist them. Two heads are more likely to remember an imminent test date.
6. Which activities or clubs are you considering?
Students tend to stay in college when they’re engaged in campus activities. It’s important for your student to get connected.